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DATED: 2008 May 30
DESCRIPTION: The introduction was by Daya who wore a dark grey shirt and a mustache and looked really different. In his intro he told that being a celeb isnt really isnt as whatever happens to you in your life comes in media immidiately...u cant even hav an affair and if u have some tradegy...the whole world knows it. Then Daya tells something similar happened with the upcoming star Rajeev Khandelwal whose movie Aamir is dur release soon.

The show starts at Sea Queen Hotel where Rajeev and his love Anjali are to get engaged. Its a beautiful hall packed with guests and a reporter is addressing in her camera that Rajeev is getting engaged and his movie is also to be out soon. And then Rajeev Khandelwal comes in with his parents, would to be wife and her guardians. All reporters gather around them and ask that Rajeev should be marrying some actress and people had thought that he will but she is just a simple girl. So Rajeev gets a lil shy and says 'ye sawaal inke saamne toh nahi poochna chahiye na' then he says that she is no less than any actresses and he really loves her.
Then he refuses to take anymore questions and they go to the stage. At the stage, the girl sees her family and tells that they are her uncle - aunt bt she takes them for more than parents. Then Rajeev and Anjali come to exchange rings. They are shown deeply in love and all blushing and shy types. Then they exchange rings and its like as soon as the rings are exchanged, lite goes out. When light comes back in like 5 - 10 seconds, Anjali is missing.
Rajeev informs everyone that as soon as light went out, he felt Anjali's hand sliding out of his. Then Anjali's aunt checked the washroom and with the guests but no one had seen Anjali. The Hotel Manager and Security people checked whole of the hotel but nothing was found. Rajeev gets really tensed.

At Rajeev's home,
Rajeev is really tensed (and in his Aamir look) sitting on the railing while his parents and Anjali's guardians are also there worried. A man walks upto Rajeev and tells him that he was so busy promoting Aamir that he couldnt attend Rajeev's engagement and is sorry about Anjali's disappearance. Rajeev gets angry and is like didnt that man Kabir do something to disappear Anjali as it would have fetched alot of publicity - the hero's fiancee missing. But Karan is like why would he do this to a friend.
And then Anjali's aunt says that she knows what happened. Anjali had found out about Rajeev's affairs that were published in newspapers and so shes left him.
And then Karan gets a call...he opens the TV and sees that a news channel is showing that at a critical point in Rajeev's life, his fiancee suddenly disappeared. Rajeev is frustated and leaves.
Kaka (servant) brings in a bouque of red roses. Rajeev's mum asks whom are these for? Kakaji informs that these are for Rajeev and someone left them on the door. Rajeev's mum is like that dont the people know by now that Rajeev is so upset then is it a joke to send him red roses. but well she asks Kaka ji to leave them in Rajeev's room. When Kakaji enters Rajeev's room, he is sitting in his room tensed. He sees flowers and asks about them...Kakaji tells him the same thing and Rajeev replies that this is indeed bad and rude. But well then he asks to place the flowers in his room.
He is pacing in tension when he sees that a card is there with the flowers. He takes out the card and sees a no. on it. He dials the number and a girl tells him that Anjali is with them and she calls Rajeev to Hotel CourtYard alone at 4. Rajeev leaves his home in hurry. His mother asks him where he is going and he says that there is an important scene on shooting for his film and he cant miss it.

But well Rajeev's parents and Anjali's guardians are really worried and decide to call CID.

In CID office, Rajeev's parents tell CID everything. Rajeev's mum informs that since when Rajeev received the flowers, he is tensed and so left in a hurry. Daya checks the flowers and finds the card within. Kaveri calls at the number but no is switched off.
ACP asks Daya and Kaveri to go to Hotel sea Queen and investigate, Freddie and Vivek to go to the shooting site and see if Rajeev came there and asked Lavanya to find out about the number and the symbol on the card.

In the hotel,
Daya and Kaveri get to know that no one saw Anjali. Then they demanded to know the no of exits from the hotel. The manager tells them 2 at the front and 1 at the back and the back door is only used by hotel staff for laundry and groceries...etc. He tells that there is no camera there but a register is used to maintain record of who used the gate. They come to know that a laundry truck left near 10:30. They went to the laundry department. The lady there tells that no laundry is sent in night but still when she confirms, the girl there Sunita (I think so) tells that indeed a truck was sent. When found out that a girl Leena said that it was urgent laundry from room no 1090 and 1091 and so the truck had to be sent. Then Kaveri and Daya check the laundry bags and find that Kaveri could well fit into the bag..and so this was how Anjali disappeared from the scene.

At the shooting,
Freddie and Vivek meet Rajeev's spot boy who tells them that Rajeev had come to the shooting but went away immidiately with driver. Then after sometime the driver came back but the car wasnt there.
So Freddie and Vivek meet the driver who tells them that he left Rajeev at a complex and Rajeev asked him to go away and not tell anything to anyone. But driver says he remembered Rajeev talking on phone about some place 'Green'...
Freddie calls Lavanya and asks her to search for places with Green.
[[Freddie was really gr8 today...he did a lot of comedy but while investigating at the sets, he was more complains!]]

In office,
All of them are there. Daya and Kaveri tell ACP whatever they found in the hotel and also that they went to Leena's place and she isnt there as her mother is a heart patient and was to be taken to hospital Mediplus. They also told that the laundry . Lavanya tells that the cell number was pre paid and was registered with a fake address. And the symbol on the card belongs to a terrorist group. ACP rekons that Anjali is kidnapped and when Rajeev called at the no. ... he might be told to get some money or sth and thats why Rajeev left in such hurry.

Freddie does a lil comedy with the hospital thing that when a girl's mother is in hospital, she is worried about kidnapping and stuff.

car and Rajeev goes to the hotel parking. A girl dressed in white just came out of herstood by. Rajeev went to her and said that she is the one na who kidnapped Anjali and whom Rajeev talked to on the phone. He asked her how much money did she want for ransom? The girl shook her head. Rajeev asked why were she doing all this? She replied that she wants to see till which extend can Rajeev go to save his love. She asks him to come in the car to see how Anjali is. Inside the car, she shows him a video recorded in a recorder where Anjali was taken by 2 gundas...and she was calling Rajeev and asking him to save her.

ACP, Freddie and Abhi are in a car. Abhi is driving, ACP in the front and Freddie is alone behind. Freddie tells that Rajeev will go to any extend to save his love whereas ACP says that Rajeev is intelligent enough not to let his career down. Abhi is laughing seeing them fight. Freddie says that one can do anything for love but how would ACP know as he has never been in love! ACP gets angry and is like what does Freddie mean by this?? Ofcourse ACP has been in love...
and Freddie was dead shocked hearing it. Suddenly his phone rang .. it was Lavanya but all Freddie could say was 'pyaar hai'...Lavanya was so confused...cause he said 'mujhe pyaar hai'..'tumko pyaar hai'...'ACP sir ko pyaar hai'..'Rajeev ko mujhse pyaar hai'...
This was indeed hillarious..and Abhi was laughing (I loved seeing him happy) and ACP was annoyed. Then Freddie handed over the phone and Lavanya was like 'sir Freddie ko kya hua?' (I saw her speak for the first time)...and then she told ACP that there were 3 places with Green...a restaurant, a flower shop and the Green CourtYard. Then ACP tells that he is handing the phone over to Freddie and she shouts 'nahi'...

Rajeev is standing in middle of a road tensed and worried thinking of his moments with Anjali and missing her.
In his house, his parents and would to be in laws are worried. Its 1:30 in nite and no news from Rajeev. Jus tthen Rajeev comes in and tells everyone not to worried. Anjali is kidnapped bt he is working to get her out safely. And no one should inform the Police. His parents lie that they havent informed the Police.

Then Rajeev is shown in doctor dress and his mouth covered and with specs. He is entering a high security place with the help of an id..while doing that he remembers himself in home...then he is holding somethng on his thumb with help of what enters a thumb impression and gains he remembers that he had asked kabir to get his father's thumb impression on a glass. Okie then he enters a lab and then goes to a tijori...where he enters a code and then takes out a bottle and keep it in a bag he is carrying.

ACP and Abhijeet goto Green CourtYard and enquire about Rajeev. The lady at receptions tells him that Rajeev came here..he was tense and was waiting for a girl. THen Rajeev went to the parking area and no one saw him since then.

ACP figures out that the girl kidnapped Anjali and told Rajeev about Anjali.

In Mediplus Hospital, Kaveri and Daya investigate about Heart Patients. The sister doesnt allow them to meet any. And then they ask about people along with the patients. They get to know there is a patient Vimla along with attendant Leena. They call for Leena. Leena tells them that she is innocent. She wanted money for her mother's treatment so she agreed. She isnt in the planning bt she heard them speak about Mudcastle. Daya tells Leena that she will be unfortunately arrested as she helped in the plan.

Meanwhile, Rajeev's dad goes to the lab and tells that someone stole his id card. people there tell him that they had just seen him in the lab some hours back but he hadnt come to the lab then. He chks the tijori and sees that the nuclear solution was gone. He calls CID who tells that Rajeev stole the nuclear solution probably to save Anjali. and if the nuclear solution gets into wrong hands, it can be grave danger.

Daya and Kaveri go to Anjali's house and see lot of people there. They ask them what happened and they tell them that 2 people came a few mins back and took Anjali's guardians forcifully in a taxi.

The CID team decide to go to Mudcastle as they are sure that Rajeev has gone there...but Rajeev was way ahead of them and they were caught in traffic jam.
Rajeev goes to the mudcastle and gives the bag with the nuclear solution to the girl and demands to see Anjali and take her back. The girl asks her men to call Anjali but then tells Rajeev to play a game. Anjali and her guardians come, their hands are tied. The gal tells Rajeev that the revolver in her hand has 3 bullets. Inorder to save Anjali he must die. Rajeev agrees. Anjali tries to stop him but he says if one of them were to die, it would be him. He fires but lives on...and just as he was about to shoot, one of the men are hit by the bullet. CID arrives!!

But then Rajeev fells down and the girl takes Anjali on gun point. CID was about to keep their guns low jus then Rajeev suddenly woke up and got the gun out of the gals hand. But another twist. Anjali and her guardians untied their hands and took Rajeev on gun point. The whole gang tuk Rajeev on gun point and escaped. CID ran through the castle to cover them from the other side.

Outside the castle, Kabir was there in a car. Rajeev is shown broken and shocked to see his beloved people against him. However he is about to sit in the car when CID attacks. Anjali dies on the spot and then the rest of the gang. CID comes to rescue. Rajeev gives them the nuclear solution he managed to take...thats is..alls well that ends well..

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