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DATED: 2008 May 23
DESCRIPTION: Case of the Bad Blood
(and broken heart for my dear Abhijeet )

Okie..the introduction was by none other than DAYA.. bt he does deserve a slap for being so naughty about Abhi - Shruti...
Okie he was wearing a dark green shirt and talked about 'dil' and attacks on the dil
He introduced - dil bhi ajeeb cheez hoti hai...ismein 2 tarah ke attack padte hain...ek jiske baad aapko hospital le jaate hain..aur doosra jab aapke dil mein koi bas jaata hai aka aap kisi ko pasand karne lagte hain...aisa hi kuch haal Abhijeet ka hua hai...uska aajkal kaam par dil nahi lagta...Humare ACP sir ki aankhein bahut tez hain..unhone fauran pehchaan liya isiliye woh Abhijeet se kuch nahi kehte...
then Daya tells about the case - khoon ho gaye aur pata bhi nahi chala kisne kiya..aur jab pata chala tab tak bahut der ho chuki thi.

Episode starts...
There was a party by a couple Maya-Aryan. Everyone was enjoying it when Maya tells her hubby not to drink much. Then they are joined by another couple and they were talking about how Aryan's business has flourished and he has been so rich and lucky lately. And they say that Maya has been lucky for Aryans business.

And then Maya and Sheetal (wife of the other couple) leaves their husbands. And then a man dressed in white Viki, comes to Maya and holds her hands and asks her to dance. She refuses bt he keeps on insisting and then Aryan and the other person come fight with Viki...and then Viki shouts that "sabko pata hai Aryan ka business kiski wajah se hai"..bas then Aryan gets real angry and pushes Viki into the pool..then the other man asks the guard to take Viki out of the pool and then out of the party...

Scene change (dont read if u like I for the 2nd time saw him so much in pain and I am gonna write all of it as I felt)
Shruti and Kaki are in the house waiting for Abhijeet. Shruti is really impatient. She keeps strollin and chking the watch and staring the door when the door opens and in comes...tada tada tadadada...Abhijeet..not Abhijeet Sawant but our own old Abhijeet and follows Viren...
Shruti's eyes get filled with tears seeing her hubby. Viren walks to Shruti and tells her that he caught a bad addictive habit of gambling and so was in debt of a dangerous person. If Viren didnt repay the loan then the lender might have killed Shruti and their Viren faked his death to save his family. Now when he heard that his family is in he came there to search them. And then Shruti and Viren hugged...and and and...Abhijeet's eyes contained so much pain that I am crying [I AM GONNA KILL SHRUTI ...cant she hug her hubby somewhere where Abhi isnt there]...
Then Shruti tells Viren that they can start afresh but Viren says that they cant as the lender is still after his life..and then SHRUTI fills tears in his eyes and goes to Abhijeet and is like "Abhijeet ji...aap humare upar ek last ehsaan kar dijiye. Waise toh aapke humpar bahut ehsaan hain par bas aakhiri ehsaan. Mere pati ki jaan bacha lijiye...please"
And honestly..Abhijeet luks terrible that time..I could have given anyone a Jadoo ki Jhappi if they were in that situation.
And then Abhijeet our saint is like "Arre nahi Shruti ji maine aap par koi ehsaan nahi kiya. Aur aap chinta mat kijiye...yahan aap shurakshit hain. Viren aapka pati hai toh mera dost bhi hai. Usse kuch nahi hoga." and then Abhijeet's phn rings to Gudness was Daya informing him about a murder..
Abhijeet turns to Viren and says "tum yahin raho. Kahin jaane ki zaroorat nahi hai. Mujhe abhi jaana hoga."

Scene Change
There was a car and a dead body inside, wounded at the back of the head. Firstly the CID thought that the attacker would be seated backside but that wouldnt have had been it was thought that the person was first murdered and then put into the car.
When the body was checked there was a bracelet...rather expensive one found. Firstly they were thinking that the motive for the murder was to steal but wen the murderer didnt steal such an expensive that couldnt be..
then ACP seeing the bracelet said - "Ye bracelet tumhare liye chod gaya hai" to Freddie who got really confused..
Freddie - "mere liye...???"
ACP - "haan tumhare liye"
Freddie - "mujhe mat fasaiye sir. maine kuch nahi kiya. Koi mere liye bracelet kyun chodega?"
ACP - "tumhare liye matlab CID ke liye"

Then they also got an address to a party scheduled for the same day. So the CID team goes to the venue.
Its the same party as shown before and the couple Sheetal and her hubby were sitting on a table and discussing that Viki shouldnt have rused Aryan's anger. Aryan could do anything in anger...
But then CID comes and shows them the photo of the victim and they recognised him to be Viki. They told CID all about the fight. CID demanded to meet Maya and Aryan bt they were then told that the couple faught because of Viki and then they left...

In Aryan's house, Aryan was scolding his younger brother Sharman as Viki was Sharman's friend. Maya and Shikha (as far as I remember the name) - Sharman's gf was also there. Then CID comes and as usual investigates.
The bracelet was Aryan's which was lost a couple of days back. They say that it is a plot against Aryan to frame him.

Back in CID office...they discuss the case and reach a conclusion that someone murdered Viki and put the blame on Aryan but putting Aryan's bracelet there. Just then ACP receives a call that the hero of the case is injured...
Aryan met an accident and was in hospital.
They go to visit the hospital and see Maya crying and asking Doctor "woh theek kabtak hoga?"...ACP asks the same ques and the doc gets a lil angry saying ki sab toh kehte hain ki doc plz humare relative ko theek kar do par aap log toh pooch rahe hain ki woh theek hoga ki nahi...
then doc leaves bt ACP comments on Maya "kahin aap Aryan ke marne ki dua toh nahi kar rahi" Maya is shocked and says "ye aap kya keh rahe hain...Aryan mere pati hain and all" Then Abhi comes and says ki ACP sir kabhi aise hi keh dete hain..then ACP gets a lil annoyed and says that he means it...then Abhi tries to cover up saying that ACP likes kidding when things go wrong...ACP gets really annoyed and then says he is serious...
so then Abhi is like that its ACP's duty to suspect he is suspecting Maya too...

Scene Change
In Maya's house, Maya is talking to a lawyer telling him to get ready the divorce papers bt not file them till Aryan is in hospital as it will not look decent and then suddenly CID walks in...firstly Maya denies her plan to take divorce bt then tells fine that Aryan is having affair so she wants divorce...

Scene Change
Viren is sitting with Abhi in a deep and telling him that the money lender is dangerous and can shoot but Abhijeet is fearless..and then Daya and Freddie come to the car...then Daya abhijeet a pic taken on cell phn..Viren confirms it to be the man.
Abhi asks Viren to go home and straight home while he, Daya and Freddie went inside. Viren was reluctant and kept warning them. Inside the money lender was already beating someone for not returning the money. Abhijeet and Daya enter bravely and shoot. All the lenders men run away leaving him alone. He fires and the bullet strikes Daya... [you actually must have heard me scream...] and Daya fell then Abhijeet injured the person..finally Freddie saw Daya..he went to help Daya but Daya was alright. He had a bullet proof jacket on!

Scene Change
Sharman is sitting at pool side..relaxing and then he gets up takes off his gown and goes to swimming. While he is in the pool..someone attached an electric wire to the roads used to help a person come out of the pool. When Sharman comes out of the pool...he screams and dies..
The hotel authority didnt see anyone...
then CID went to his office where they got to know many exciting things. There was a meeting scheduled which was cancelled and so Sharman went to the someone who knew this must only be the culprit. Then they got to know that Aryan and Sharman were business rivals...thirdly they also got to know that Sharman went to the pool with driver..who now seemed missing..
Abhi, Daya and Freddie go to Sunil driver's place but the door was locked...Freddie demanded that he will break the door...poor Freddie he had to try really hard and then landed upon a dead body which he thought was balnket rolled up and when his hands felt wet in blood he thought it was a wet blanket

But then...a lot of cash was found in Sunil's cupboard and his cell phone showed alot of msges telling about Viki's murder and Aryan's accident. So the CID team thought that Aryan faked his accident and appointed Sunil to kill Viki and Sharman.

They go to hospital where Aryan is. A nurse with big nails enters Aryan's room and gives his an injection which makes his conditions worse. She pretends to help in saving the patient but as doctors got busy with their task and CID was deep discussing that how suddenly Aryan's condition got bad, she escaped.

Only after she escaped, the doctor noticed that due to the injection she had given to Aryan, he died. Everyone ran around to find the nurse but she had escaped. But Daya found something - a big red broken nail. and he showed it to Abhi and both of them recognised immidiately to whom it could belong...

Next thing was that whole CID team was in Maya's place and they told her that they caught the culprit and she is a woman. Maya says she will revenge her hubby's death but then kaveri sees her nails and tells her that they know that she is the culprit. After a gud thappad...she tells that she married Aryan for money but he would never give one day when she heard Aryan talk to someone on a plan to kill Sharman...she decided to kill him and get all the property...

As the CID team was taking her out...someone closed the door from outside taking Maya out and helping her escape. It was Sharman's gf Shikha. But fortunately the car they were running in..didnt start till CID managed to open the door.
Finally after chasing them into woods and desert...CID caught them...Shikha also after a good thappad admitted the crime that when Maya heard Sharman was to be killed and she would kill Shikha and Maya could divide the money...
bt see evil never flourishes.....ACP said for money what had they done...killed their hubby / bf

Back in Abhijeet's house...Kaki was crying
she didnt like Shruti leaving...she said sab jaa rahe to avoid seeing all leave, she went out..Abhi was also sad...then Shruti and Viren came...Viren and Shruti thanked Abhijeet...and while Shruti thnked Abhi was luking so sad..
Bas then they walked out...Shruti stopped for a moment to glance at Abhi but walked out...
Daya was also in the house comforting Abhi. After Viren and Shruti left...he too went.

After he left Abhi tuk out a ring from his pocket...remembered sth bt then threw it away...

Thats it!! - * -

Ps - Daya was wearing moushtache...
and I hate to see Abhi so sad..they should have brought someone into his life

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