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DATED: 2008 Jan 11

This guy rohan sees a lady being forced inside a car by a man holdin a guy. rohan follows the car. they end up in some haunted castle kinda place. rohan calls up cid and tells them wat he saw. cid officers ask him to wait until they reach there but rohan hears the lady's scream and he goes off to save her.

rohan sees a man holdin a gun at Rthe lady who is crying and askin for forgiveness and pleadin the man not to do anything to her parents. just then rohan jumps in between tryin to save the lady. the man asks him to get lost from there but rohan doesnt listen and tries to stop the man but the man loses control and shoots at rohan.. the bullet jus passes by his head so he is not dead but unconcious..

officers come and wake rohan up. he tells them all he saw and now the man and ruchi both hav disappeared..rohan tells them he doesnt know wat happend after he got unconcious. they go back to where the car was parked. the car in which the man and lady came is still there but neither of them r seen. officers check the car and find a lady's bracelet. officers also find out about the person who the car belongs to.

the car belongs to a woman who says it got stolen few hours ago from a hotel where she had thrown a huge party. officers ask her bout the bracelet. she tells them its not a real one and she doesnt wear false jewellery. officers go to the hotel. it is a real posh hotel. officers get the recorded video tape of the party, they show the tape to rohan who identifies the kidnapped lady in the tape. officers go back to the woman's house to find out the kidnapped lady. her name is ruchi, officers get ruchi's adress from the woman

officers go to ruchi's house.. someone is dead and is being taken for cremation. cid stops them. officers think its ruchi who is dead. when they check it turns out the man who kidnapped truchi is dead.. they say it was an accident.. ruchi turns out to b the mans daughter in law.. when officers ask her about kidnapping she deniess.. she also says she has neva seen rohan and wateva he is sayin is jus crap.

officers take the man's body to lab. dr tells d officers that the man didnt die of accident cuz the blood clot in brain was only one side and that meant someone actually hit him on head and then ws taken it the car to show it ws accident.. officers check the car.. the car bumped into the tree and had accident but the tree was fine.. jus the car was damaged.. also the broken glass had fallen inside which should hav been outside d car if it was an accident.. they also found blood on some of the pieces of glass..also they found a tissue with blood on it

dr tells them that d blood on glass and tissue didnt match the dead's so it had to b the killers blood who got hurt by d glass when he broke it and then wiped off the blood from his hand on the tissue and threw it there.. officers call all d ppl who attended party to get their hands and blood checked.. 2 ppl were missin. ruchi and other man called varun.

officers decide to go to ruchi's house first.. her husband says she has gone to the lab for blood test.. the officers tell him that she is not there.. husband says then may b she would hav gone to her parents house..

at parents house ruchi asks her mum n dad to hurry up as they r leavin d town jus then officers arrive. they say tht now they know she has killed her father in law and so she is gonna b arrested. jus then her father comes and tells the officers that his name is varun and he is d one who killed the man.

the dead man was a smuggler and ruchi found out about it..he threatened her to kill her parents and she begged him no to and she promised him she wont do anything like that but the man jus wouldnt listen.. this happend in the party where varun was there as well.. when the man kidnapped her and took her to the haunted place varun followed them and when the dead man was bout to kill the lady varun hit him hard on the head jus to protect his daughter. the man got killed so jus to show it an accident they brought the mans car and damaged it and showed it accident..

the end

dun remember the name of the father in law (kidnapper). if anyone knows plz lemme know

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