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DATED: 2007 Jun 22

CID Update 22nd June 2007

By Guddi20

Showing the shopping mall ... a guy and a girl talking about the weather and the girl saying that she doesn't want to go outside, while someone is video recording the whole scene. Watchman comes and tells the person that video recording is not allowed. The guy who is video recording apologizes and then leaves the mall.

House: A small boy working on his homework and his tutor is helping him, when a door bell rings. The boy's father comes in and the child runs to him and says that what is he doing here ... wasn't he suppose to be in Delhi for his business trip? The father says that he is here to surprise his wife since its' her birthday, but the wife is not at home.

Car: The wife is in the car with her boyfriend and she tells him that she has to go home since its twelve. He gives her a present and she leaves in her car.

As she is walking to her house, someone comes from behind and kills her.

House: CID arrives and asks her husband what happened. 

Husband: yes I called CID. I came from Delhi after a week to surprise my wife, but she wasn't at home. So we waited for a while and after 1 and went out to find her and I saw this. CID then finds a restaurant bill and a gift ( an expensive ring) from her purse.

Restaurant:  CID asks all the waiters to recognize the girl. One waiter says that he has seen her. Abhijeet: did someone come with her?

Waiter: yes she came with someone.

Abhijeet shows him the picture.

Waiter: he said no... he is not the one.

CID Bureau: a sketch guy and the waiter. They are trying to make a portrait of the guy.

Dr. Niyati: A sharp knife was being used to kill this girl.

Daya: Look at the sketch of the guy.

Abhijeet: is he in our records.

Daya: No

Muskaan: we should put this picture in newspaper.

No thats not a good idea. He might leave the town.

Daya: maybe the husband hired someone to kill his wife. maybe he learned about her affair.

A phone rings.

Abhijeet: what? where?

Another murder: She is also killed like Sunita.

Daya: maybe its a serial killer case.

Muskaan: but there is no robbery done. So not sure what the killer wants.

From her ID card, they found that her name is Malini. We have to check Malini's house.

Husband: we were going to get divorce real soon. She was having an affair with someone in the office. the guy's name is Ramesh.


CID Bureau: Abhijeet: both were having affairs with the same guy.

Ramesh: I didn't kill anyone. But its just a coincidence that both the girls I was going out with were killed. Believe me, sir.

Dr. Niyati: Malini was holding something for too long before she was killed. /something that belonged to the killer.

Daya moves forward and looked at it real hard. ACP asks if he has seen this badge or not. Daya says no but he is really in deep thought. he excuses himself and comes to the car and gets the badge out. he steps outside the car, and Abhijeet asks him whats wrong. Abhijeet finds out about the badge and interrogates him if he knows about the killer or about the badge.

Daya: I received this badge from Pune Orphan school when I graduated.

Abhijeet: you never told us this before. I am so sorry. but how will we learn who is the killer. There might be many students who graduated from there.

Daya: from their year and roll number, we can find the name of the student.

Abhijeet tells this to the ACP, and they find out that the killer belongs to the year 1998 and the roll number is 21.

Daya says that he will not come with them to Pune. When ACP asks why, he doesn't say anything and Abhijeet tells him to keep his personal and private life separate and Daya agrees.

Pune: They ask the Principal for the 1998 records. All the students accuse Daya for cheating on his best friend and putting him in jail. ACP asks him whats going on and he says that his friends' Amar's wife came to him and told him that her husband is a terrorist. Amar thought that his wife and Daya are having an affair and so he killed his wife. He had to arrest his best friend. He tells the students that although they believe that Amar is their ideal because he donates much to the Orphanage, yet Daya was just following his duties.

ACP: just calm down

Principal: please forgive all the students. here you go (he gives the register to them and the guy's name is Nitin K.)

They show someone recording a couple.

CID at Nitin's place: Nitin has committed suicide because his wife betrayed him and ran away and he killed himself.

They show a car and a girl being killed again.

CID Bureau: Three girls have been killed. Suniti, Malini and Payal. These all murders have one thing in common: extra-marital affairs. Ask around about their personal affairs?

Malini's husband: I don't know who Sunita and Payal are. But he says that they have adopted their child from Mamta Foundation.

Suniti's husband: I adopted my kid from Mamta's foundation.

Mamta Foundation (Pune Orphanage): They find a file which contains the name of the people who adopted kids from the orphanage, and the three names were circled whose wives were killed. They also find letters from the kids and the husbands whose wives were having marital affairs. They find a chip ( a cell phone chip). It is the video recording of the girls with the extra-marital affairs, and they find a fourth video ... a girl who is not killed yet.

The killer is none other than the Principal (Raghvinder). Daya is begging Abhijeet not to shoot his sir. The Principal runs upstairs, and he tries to jump, but Daya holds him for a minute. However, he dies.

Daya is crying upstairs.

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