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TITLE: The Mysterious Mr. Arvind [REPEAT]
DATED: 2007 Jun 08
DESCRIPTION: The Mysterious Mr. Arvind

By: Guddo20

The Mysterious Mr. Arvind

Some girls are dancing, while a girl at the background is screaming not to touch her, and if that guy touches her, then something bad will happen. All the girls stop dancing. A guy says what did I do? Then the girl says that leave before she drags him to the court. The girls open the door and listens to the conversation. The girl threatens the guy that she will tell everyone about Kavita? The guy says who cares. When he turn around, he sees CID standing at the door (I think this episode has been played before)


Guy: Who are you all?

ACP: we are CID

Guy: what did I do?

Abhijeet: Kavita was your student

Guy: Yes, she is.

Abhijeet: where is she?

Guy: I don't know

ACP: did she come on friday?

Guy: no sir she didn't.

Girl: No sir, he is lying. she did come on friday and he screamed at her

Guy: No sir, she didn't. If you want to see the register. you can see it.

(He shows the register and is shocked that Kavita name was on there)

Girl: She was here on friday, but after that she is not able to be found. She is not even found at the hostel

Guy: No sir she didn't come on friday

Girl: Sir, she was also coming with us to Ahmedabad on friday, but neither she came on the station nor was she at the train. I was going to drop her, but she was not anywhere and now I suspect him.

ACP: Open the cupboard

Guy: Why? There are some of my important papers there

(He opens the cupboard and sees a suitcase)

Girl: This is Kavita's bag

ACP: you are in trouble, mister


CID Bureau

They found a cloth full of blood and the guy scream

They found some cards from a guy named Arvind

Kavita was suppose to meet Arvind at around 4:30 p.m. before she had a fight with the guy (her dance master)

Girl: She has heard Kavita say his name once and he worked at some industry



They are taken to a cabin , who is assumed to be Arvind

ACP: how long have you known Kavita?

Arvind: who is Kavita?

Abhijeet: your girlfriend

Arvind: my girlfriend ... I don't know any Kavita

They show him Kavita's picture

ACP: what do you do here?

Arvind: I am an engineer for the past 4 years

Daya: Do you like to play guitar

Arvind: yes sir

Daya: you have a suite booked in a resort and a bangalow at Runawala

Arvind: yes sir, but ...

ACP: then, you must shut up

Arvind: but how did you know about this all stuff?

ACP: from Kavita's bag

Arvind: but I don't know any Kavita

Fredricks is following Arvind around

Arvind talks to someone on the phone stating that he thinks that someone is suspicious about the affair and they should meet.


A girl wearing in a red sari walks to Arvind and he asks her to sit in the car and take her to his house for a talk. Fredricks informs ACP.

Arvind's House

Arvind: who is it?

ACP: where is the girl?

Arvind: which girl?

Fredricks: there is a girl in your house

ACP: I want to search your house

(ACP finds an earring and a clamp and Daya founds a knife fully with blood)

Arvind: I don't know anything about the girl and someone is trying to defame me. I wasn't even here for the whole week

ACP: get all the watchmen in this building and I want to interrogate them


ACP asks the watchmen if they have seen Arvind for a week or not. One watchmen says that he saw Mr. Arvind leaving last Sunday and returning today. The other says that Mr. Arvind left last Sunday but came back Sunday night. (Flashback: the watchman goes upstairs to see if everything is alright when he hears a guy stating that "darling you just came now and leaving?" the girl says "it's 12:30 a.m. and I have to catch Ahmedabad train at 5:00 a.m.")

Abhijeet: did you see Arvind coming in?

Watchman: No sir

ACP: did you see the girl leaving?

Watchman: No sir, but the girl was there.

Did anyone else see the girl leaving?

Watchman: No sir, but I saw something. I saw someone at the terrace and when I ran upstairs to see who was there, I didn't find anyone.

Abhijeet: where is the way to get to terrace?


ACP: where did you see the shadow?

Watchman: here sir, but he was there even though I didn't find anyone.

Abhijeet finds something and daya as well. Daya climbs the staircase up the terrance and at the gutter, he finds a dead girl (Kavita)

ACP: tell me the truth.

Arvind: I really don't know her... believe me sir

ACP: Send this dead body to Dr. Niyati


Forensic Lab:

They find a wet paper in her pocket. The paper says "Baadshah... Andheri West." And the knife also fits the wound perfectly.


Abhijeet: (at the industry) When did Arvind went to Delhi? where did he live and when did he come back?


Forensic Lab: Kavita was killed on friday according to the lab report


Girl: Sir, we did something terrible. We tried to defame the dance teacher because he troubled us a lot and so when Kavita didn't come we left the suitcase in his cupboard.

ACP: the dance teacher is also not responsible for the murder


Abhijeet: Sir, Arvind is lying. His work at Delhi was done on Thursday ... that means he had threedays to do nothing

Arvind: Sir when will you let me go?

ACP: first tell me, what did you do on friday, Saturday, and Sunday when your work was done at Delhi?

Arvind: sir, I was at Delhi. I didn't leave Delhi

Fredricks: If you didn't leave Delhi, how come you get this topi (cap) from Manali?

Arvind: yeah, I lied ... I wanted to hide something but not murder ... I am having an affair with a girl from my office but she is married. I was with her three days in Delhi

ACP: but who was the guy in your house if you were not there?

Daya: did you give your house keys to someone?

Arvind: Sir, 5 years ago I gave my house keys to someone... his name was also Arvind. He was also an engineer and he could also play guitar. I guess he lives at Ahmedabad.


Another Arvind from Ahmedabad ... he never left Ahmedabad because his sister was getting married and he does not know Kavita.

ACP: who is this guy? by the way, do you know a guy name Baadshah?

Arvind: he was my college friend. but the other Arvind didn't ike him because he was very lazy and didn't do any work. We used to call him Baadshah.

ACP: whats his real name?

Arvind: Vipul

ACP: did he had your house key?

Arvind: I don't know.


Baadshah: who are you?

ACP: are you Vipul?

Guy: No .. he went to Cyber Cafe...

So he tries to flirt with girl on the internet...

They catches the guy ...

Vipul: I met Kavita through internet. I asked her to come to meet me at Arvind's house. then, he tried to rape her and she took a knife to stop him but mistakenly he killed her ... 

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