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DATED: 2007 Apr 27
DESCRIPTION: Case of Repressed Memory

By: Miss_17

sushant was having steam bath.. suddenly one person(face not shown)locks the bath room door and increases the steam pressure. sushant dies b cuz of lack of oxygen.. the unknown person leaves..

next scene a lady called payal is shown talking to her husband.. he is asking her to remember bout some money but she says that she doesnt remember n e thing.. it hadto do with something that had happened in her school whn she was in yr 8.

cid officers reach the place where sushant died... they see some steam burnts on sushants body n discover that he had died b cuz of high steam pressure. abhijeet checks the pressure knob and find some finger prints there..the manager of the place tells them that none of the staff had gone to the control room to change the steam pressure s they keys r usually with him..

officers go to sushants house to find out more bout him.. over there they find sushants class photo from yr 8. his wife tells the officers that whenever sushant saw that picture he used to get nervous and disturbed b cuz something had happened to him when he was little..

officers go to sushants school to find out the reason behind this.. the principal tells the officers that she dosnt remember exactly wat happened but that morning the husband of x student payal had gone to the school s well to ask bout wat had happened 12 yrz ago..apparantely she used to study in same class s sushant.

officers go to see payal.. but she says she doesnt remember n e thing from her school days.. the officers decide to hypnotise her to find out more.. wen hypnotised she tells the officers that she saw a young boy rahul drowning in the swimming pool.. there were ppl like ritesh, suhant n othes laughing at wat happened..n then she suddenly wakes up again and leaves from there..

officers go to ritesh's house to find out but his father tells the officers that his son was murdered 2 months ago and was found dead in the swimming pool.
vivek finds their other class mate verona.. she tells the officers that she doesnt exactly remember wat had happened that day cuz she wasnt there but she found out that a guy called rahul drowned n died in swimmin pool..she recognises the ppl from sushants class photo n from there the officers find out that the killer is killing everyone in alphabetical order.. first ritesh, then sushant and the next girl on the picture was tina..

officers find tina's address and go to their house to save her but she is found dead in the bath tub.. they find id card of a guy called ujval from the bath tub. the next letter was "U" n so the officers had to find ujval.. but they also thought ujval mite hav been killing everyone so then if not "U" then the next letter would b "v" verona!! vvek and fredric wait outside veronas house.. they see a guy in mask .. s verona opens d door the guy in mask tries to scare her with a knife but the officers catch him.. only after that they find out that he was her boyfrined and was only plaing a prank..

now if not "V" verona then the next person was yamini as her name was next in alphabetical order.. in yaminis house she is getting dressed. suddenly a person in mask comes n stabs her.. officers reach there n she is still breathing. she is then admitted to hospital..

fredric finds ujval who was tryting to hide in the same gym where sushant was killed.. he says he came there first time.. a lady there recognises him n says tat he was the one making lots of chaos on the day sushant was killed.. but he denies killing n e one..

all the clasmates of sushant are called in the bureau for finger print test. everyones finger prints tested.. abhijeets says the person is a girl.. everyone thinks its verona who met ujval, took his id, killed all the ppl and left the id near one of the corpse so everyone would doubt him n she can do her work.. but to everyones surprise it was payal who did all that..
payal says she had forgotten everything from past but one day she fell off the stairs n remembered everything.. she also remember that they guy rahul had drowned in the pool cuz of her.. sushant and ritesh had called her to tell her that they knew everything bout it.. so she thought of killing everyone..


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