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TITLE: The Case of the Deadly Video Game
DATED: 2007 Feb 09
DESCRIPTION: The Case Of Deadly Video Game


Two guys go in a game parlour to play video game. This guy named raghav starts playing a game. He gets really scared while playing the game and then suddenly his game character gets stabbed in the game and the game is over. And just then raghav dies.

 In the bureau every one is taking a mick out of fredrix. He was eating sweets secretly but just then abhijeet and everyone else says that everyday 50,000 people die because of diabetes and that is because they eat sweets.fredrix gets really scared, so ACP asks him to quickly leave n wash his hands. Once he is gone everyone starts eating those sweets. Lol. Poor fredrix..


In the game parlor Raghavs friend explains CID team how Raghav died. They try to investigate in the game parlour but are unble to figure out how raghav died, so they take the game machine to their bureau. Muskaan plays the game but they still donít get what is wrong. Muskaan says that in some games there is a lot of stuff hidden in it which normal people donít see it but the one who plays the game everyday knows about it. Hearing this ACP decides to show the game to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist says that raghav must have died because he saw something shocking in the game which he had seen it before but because he got so shocked that he got heart attack and he died.

 Team goes to Raghavs house to find out more about him. Raghavs wife tell the team that raghav had been acting weird since he had come from the lonavala farm house. They all go to the farm house. Its very dark. They go in the house and find out that the house was exactly the same as the one in the game. In the game a man was killed near the first room and so the tema goes near the room. They see the blood there and find out that someone had been killed and had been dragged from there to the garden. The team finds a skull from there.

 Raghavs wife told the team that raghav had gone to lonavala with 3 other friends. The team asks the friends about the skull and also about raghav. They all say that they were not present at the time of murder in the farm house due to some or the other reason. Dr. nayla tell the team that raghav died due to heart attack but some one was also trying to kill him as they found poison in his stomach. They also found poison stuck to the joystick of the game raghav was playing.

 They find out the guy called Amrit used to work there had put the poison on the joystick but someone had asked him to do so.

  In the lab dr. nayla makes the proper face out of the skull. The team finds out that the person (skull) was raghavs friend vikaas who was a photographer. When they searched raghavs room they found out some negatives of the pictures in there. They also found that vikaas was killed by raghav as he had taken a pic of raghav hugging his friends wife.

 Amrit tells the team that he was given money to put some cream on the joystick but he didnít know that the cream was poison. He says that he had not seen the persons face who had given the cream as he was in the car but he had seen his hands and can recognize him. All of raghavs friends hands were checked but they were not the ones who gave the poison. Then they go back to raghavs house and meet raghavs brother in law. Amrit recognizes the hands. Brother in law accepts that he had killed raghav as raghav was not being loyal to his sister (raghavs wife).

The end

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