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TITLE: The Case of the Haunted House
DATED: 2007 Jan 05
DESCRIPTION: Case of the Haunted House

By: lovelyprincesst

Somebody is making a call from his cell to a man called Rahul and tells him that I m Mr. Mahesh speaking but Rahul says that I donít know any Mahesh, Mahesh tells him that I got ur number from ur broker n he told me that u r looking for a flat n rahul says that yes mr. bhabhu bhai must have given u my number n yes we are looking for a flat with a reasonable price, Mr Mahesh tells rahul that I have an offer for u, I have a bungalow wch I want to sell but Rahul says to him that u must be joking as we donít have enough money to buy that kind of the house, but Mahesh tells him that I want to sell this in a very reasonable price n rahul asks him y as bungalows are sold very expensive n he says that I have a lot of money n properties wch belonged to my ancestor n this bungalow is one of them n I want to sell it. Rahul agrees with it but tells him that before buying I want to have a look at the bungalow n Mahesh agrees with it n they set a date for 2morrow morning n Mahesh tells him that my man will be there n he will show u the bungalow n the conversations ends over there.

In the CID headquarters we are able to see ACP pradhuyman, Fredrick,  Muskaan n Vivek  are working on some paper works n suddenly the siren goes on n every one in the office is surprised by the alarm. Fredrick goes out to check n the rest muskaan n vivek follows him n they find a box outside the cabin n are discussing that who has that much guts to leave a box in the office of CID? Fredrickís goes to check if that person is around but returns n informs that nobody is around. The three of them are inspecting the box wch is wrapped as a gift n finds that there was a card attached with it n in that card it is written With Love Professor Pyarelal, they continue with their inspection n muskaan tells Fredrick to be careful as it may be a bomb even n at the same time thy are arguing first telling that Fredrickís relative must have kept the box n later on coming to muskaan n saying that someone has send u a cake.  ACP comes there n says that whatís going on over here? Fredrick informs him that someone with the name of professor Pyarellal n send us a gift n ACP tells them that professor pyarelal is his old friend n he is a scientist n is interested in gauges n electrical items n he is very found of doing these type of tricks n tells them that he called him just a few min back n said that he is sending something, lets go inside n see what he has send.

They all go inside n open the box n inside thy see a binocular with so many lenses n the eye covering part as same or similar as a diving goggle. ACP is happy seeing the gift n says that finally its ready, one of them ask what is it n he says that from this device we can see the dead cell of a person n tells vivek to try it n vivek put it on n inform ACP that its very different, ACP tells Fredrick to give him his pen n puts in front of the device n tells vivek to see the pen n then he takes the same pen n rubs in the hand of Fredrick n puts in front of the device again n tell viveck to have a look again n he says its different n ACP informs him that coz Fredrick dead cells is now on the pen n u can see it. Suddenly a phone calls comes n ACP ask some question n at last ans that we are coming right away, he informs his team that a Mr Aarav has written a complain a few days back abt his wife missing n we have got a body whose face is very similar to the missing lady, he tells them lets go n lets take Mr. Aarav with Us

We see Rahul n his wife Reema entering a house with bags n everything n rahul telling his wife that we got a good house n mr Mahesh is crazy to sell it in the low price to us n his wifeís agree with it. Reema tells rahul that I m tired u rest I will just go n get freshen up, reema goes in the washroom n comes out n was wiping her face n she hears a voice of a lady saying that please help me, please take me out from here, please someone help me, take me out from here, help me to come out from here Ö Reema tries to look around while the voice continue with her request of helping her but reema doesnít find the source of the voice n is now afraid n calls rahul in an urgent scream, After hearing reema scream of Rahul rahul, he goes to him n reema says that there is someone over here n I can hear her speaking but rahul doesnít believe her n says that u r tired thts y u r imagining the voice, you need a rest n u will be ok lets go n rest, but reema was saying that no I heard the voice n while rahul was taking her outside that room he to hear the same voice requesting to help her n to take her out from here n he too was surprised n after sometime he tells his wife that in this house there is a ghost of the lady. 

Daya, Fredrick, Muskaan n Viveck along with Aarav reach the Mortuary where Abhijeet was waiting for them n Aarav is surprised n tells them that I thought that u were taking me to the ward of the hospital n abhijeet tells him that we have found a body wch is very similar to ur wifeís description n we want u to have a look at the body n tell us that if its ur wife or not. They all go inside the mortuary n opens a body n after looking at the body aarav starts crying n abhijeet is sad n tells him we are sorry but aarav stands up n tells that this is not my wife Arti n they are all surprised.

Muskaan, viveck, abhijeet, daya, Fredrick n Aarav are in the car driving to Aaravs place n at the same time asking him that tell us exactly what happened that day n he tells them the story that he come home n was waiting for his wife to open the door but he found the door was already opened n he stepped in n he sees that the room is in dark but the tv is going on n he says Arti u too r leaving the TV on n going away, he turns around n sees the decoration done in the house with a happy birthday banner n a cake in wch it was written happy birthday to u Aarav n some candles lighten at one end, he is happy to see the surprise wch his wife has organized for him n calls her but no reply.

Abhijeet is discussing the scene with him when ahead he sees people gather around a house n some are photographers taking pictures n some with video cameras, abhijeet stops the car n instruct viveck to sit in the car with Aarav till they come back. They go to see whats going on n are surprised to see so many press people around n when they go inside they see that rahul n reema are giving an interview. Rahul sees Abhijeet n tell Inspector Abhijeet u over here n he says that we were passing by n saw people gathered around so just come to see that if everything is alright or not, rahul tells them that everything is not alright n we have a big news n abhijeet asks him whts that news n he says that in our house we have a lady ghost but nobody believes him n then he says that u can come n see for yourself. Rahul takes them to the place where he n his wife heard the voice n all the reporters along with CID team are gathered around the room but there is no noise n rahul tells them that keep quite n u will hear it, everyone in the room is quite n they hear the voice n all are surprised, abhijeet tells Fredrick that go n check if there is any speaker around n he goes to do so, while waiting for Fredrick to come back Aarav comes in the room n says whatís going on over here abhijeet tells him that I told u to wait in the car so why did u come over here n then the voice comes again n aarav hears it n says plz wait a moment n then he informs them that this voice is of my arti, yes this is aarti voice n abhijeet ask him that are u sure, he tells them how can I forget artiís voice. Abhijeet check the pictures n then walls n the rest of the team is what is abhijeet sir doing? Abhijeet then calls daya n says that there is something n daya goes to the wall n says yes there is something over here, Abhijeet instruct to break the wall so we can knw what it is n other member of the team follows his instruction n breaks the wall but the owner of the house Rahul says that plz donít break it as its not even a day that we are in this house but abhijeet apologies to them n tells them that its important to knw whatís going over here. While they are breaking the wall reporters are still there n capturing every moment in their cameras, at last they get a hole in the wall n we see a lady who is hurt in the head n is unconscious, Aarav to sees the lady n says that this is arti my wife, the team takes Aarti out of the wall n tells daya to take her to the hospital.

In the Hospital Arti is in the ICU n the team along with her Husband Aarav is outside waiting for the doc n when the doc come outside aarav asked him that will my wife be okey n the doc says that its very hard to say as she was without oxygen 2 days n that thing has damaged her nerves but if she passes this 4 to 5 hours she will be okay, ACP is there too n says that who must have done this n at that time the nurse calls the doc as the patient was sinking, the doc tries his level best to save aarti but its not enough n she dies.

They are discussing who must have done this n tells Fredrick to call the owner of the house to the bureau n takes Aarav to the bureau too. They ask aarav if he has anyone who might have killed arti or any enemy who has threaten her but aarav says no he doesnít knw anybody who would be willing to kill his wife. The owner of the house comes Mr. Mahesh comes to the bureau n ask thm why did he bring me over here n ACP informs him that he is a CID officer n then he shows aarti pic n tells him that do u knw this gal n he says who is she n aarav says that m going to kill u  n he says that who r u n aarav tells him that I m her husband n thn CID tells him that this lady was found in ur bungalow ACP ask why did  he sell his bungalow n he ask wch bungalow n ACP says that u have many bungalows n he says yes n thn ACP says that m talking abt rose villa n he says oh that one but I have already sold that bungalow  a month ago, ACP thn ask him when did u hand over the keys to them n he says 2 days ago.

Fredrick n Vivek are investigating the site where arti was found n they are digging under the wall to find some clues when viveck come across a necklace n shows it to Fredrick n they try to figure out what must have happened n they come to the conclusion that may be they are thief n they killed arti n hide the ornament along with the body n later on they would have come n taken it. Fredrick tells viveck that now we have to use the device of professor pyarelal for dead cell n let us see where it is. They are successful in getting the dead cell.

While Fredrick n viveck where investigating the site Abhijeet n Muskaan where finding ways of how the body would have gotten in n they donít find any ways thn muskaan tells abhijeet lets go outside n see if there is anybody around who must have witnessed the scene, outside in the road there is nobody n now they are stuck when they see a bungalow n goes there where a guard stops them n then abhijeet says who he is n ask the question starting with that we want to meet ur boss but the guard informs them that this is a holiday bungalow n his boss comes for holidays only n then abhijeet ask him abt anything he noticed abt the neighboring bungalow n the guard says that this bungalow is closed for such a long time but yes I remember that 2 days ago I saw 2 men standing outside the bungalow n I too was surprised to see them. Abhijeet ask him that do u remember thm n he says yes. Abhijeet instruct muskaan to call the sketch expert n make the sketches of that two people.

Abhijeet comes to the bureau n shows that pic to the ACP n tells him that the guard saw them n thn he ask abt the necklace n daya informs him that along with the dead cell sample they have send it to the forensic lab to Dr. Nayla.

ACP receive a call from Dr n he is happy as Dr will be able to match the dead cells n then he instructs his team to match the sketches with the criminals record they have, after some time thy come with a list wch they think that they are similar to them n ACP tell them to call all of them.

In the forensic Lab Dr. Nayla is taking sample of all the people n matching with the dead cells they have but she cant find the match n says so n then ACP asks vivek if everyone has turned up who were in the list? Vivek says that m sorry sir but two people didnít turn up. ACP tells them that we have to find them.

A man is at home n he calls his friend Gullu n tells him that where are u n he says that are u crazy u are outside, donít u knw how dangerous is it n tells him to come back home. He leaves the phone n the CID team is outside n inside he sees a man n says you? What have u come here for?  We donít want ur money, u have kept us in danger, the man face is not shown but we see that he takes out the pistol, at that time CID team were knocking at the door n inside the man was saying plz donít kill me n the other man shoots. CID team hears the shot n tries to break the door at that time the man who shot the bullet ran away before the team was able to come in the house.

CID team was successful in breaking the door n was just investigating n muskaan was saying that he is killed just now we see another man entering from the door but when he sees the team he runs away but wasnít able to run far n was caught.

In the bureau they give a slap to Gullu n thm ask him that y did u kill charan n he says that I didnít kill him n then they ask him abt aarti n he says that they were small thieves n one day a man come to us n told us that he will give us a lot of money but we have to bring arti safely to him n we agree as we were tempted to get so much money. They asked Gullu y did u kill Aarti n he said that it wasnít done on propose, it was just an accident  n tells them the story that after kidnapping arti they took him to the house but when we were asleep she escaped n when my eyes opened I saw she wasnít there n we were behind her but in the chase she fell down n hurt her head n she died, we didnít kill her. ACP tells him thn after that u kept her in the wall n tells him that u killed arti as when u kept her in the wall she was still alive n her death was not from the cause of falling but she died coz of lack of oxygen. They asked him who gave you the money to kidnap arti n he says that I donít knw his name but I just knw that he was wearing a goggles n he had a moustache n they asked him where did they meet n he told them that we met at NITRO CLUB.

The Team along with Gullu goes to the night club n Fredrick starts dancing n abhijeet reminds him that he is on duty n he stops dancing to the tune..

Abhijeet tells them to merge n he will be standing with Gullu facing the door, Muskaan goes to the dance floor n starts dancing, vivek goes near the bar, Fredrick have a sit, they were waiting for the man to come n gullu to point that he is the one. After some times a man come with the same description but he wasnít the one,  after him another one followed n gullu told abhijeet he is the one. Abhijeet informs Fredrick n vivek that on the right hand there is a man sitting he is the one, the waiter was serving him n viveck goes to block the door n Fredrick approaches him n tells him how r u Pradip n he runs away n was successful to come out from the club but couldnít run far away n he was caught, they asked him the reason behind artiís kidnapping n he tells them that he was being paid to do so n they asked him who was paying him n he names a person called Mohit.

A man enters his house n sees the door open n the TV on but after getting confused he looks at the tv properly n comes to knw that he is the one shown into the tv n gets worried, he turns behind n sees the source n says that here is the camera but who has dared to  keep a camera in my house, the ACP says welcome Mohit  n mohit tells him who r u? ACP replied I m the ghost n he says that you are lying as ghost doesnít have cameraís, the ACP goes on asking abt arti n he doest say anything after some time he again says who are u n ACP says that I m from CID n he tries to run away but at the door the whole team was waiting for him n he is unable to run away. ACP asked him that y did u wanted to kidnap arti n he says that me n arti used to love each other very much in the college but suddenly she disappear n after sometime I met her but she betrayed me n was already married to Aarav so thts y I wanted to take revenge by kidnapping her n keeping all the blame in Aarav name. ACP asks him that why did u kill charan n he said that coz he knew me.

ACP tells Mohit that you will be hanged till death for the two murders u have done.

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